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Hi Learners,
       I'm Gaurav Kumar, An Engineer, CDAC Alumni, GATE Cracker and a happy soul. I started my career with Java technology, now having an experience of 5+ years as Java Professional.I mostly worked with Spring and Hibernate.

My Journey: 
2007 : Joined MIT Moradabad for in Computer Science and Engineering.
2011: Joined Cadmic Solutions Pvt Ltd , Noida as Application Programmer.
2012 : Cracked the most prestigious engineering exam GATE with a great percentile of 93.95.
2013: Joined CDAC- Centre for Development of Advanced Computing for PG-Diploma in Advanced Computing.
2013 : Joined AD WorldWide Tech Co. Pvt. Ltd, Noida as Software Developer.
2014 : Joined Extramarks Pvt Java Web Developer.
2015 : Attended a seminar on "how Google search engine works for business" arranged and managed by Google.
2016 : Joined Chetu India as Software Engineer.
2017 : Started blog for technology related research, news and examples.
2017 : Promoted as Sr. Software Engineer at Chetu India.
2018 : Joined LIC HFL Ltd at Mumbai as Assistant Manager IT.
2018 : Started blog for management and business people .
2019 : Started my own YouTube channel on personal finance and stocks analysis for Indian Stock Market.

My Favirite books : (click and checkout)

LinkedIn Profile: GAURAV KUMAR


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