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What is wrong with HDFC securities? Are they doing some fraudulent activities or just causing issues with their platform as usually it don't work during market hours?

I have opened a DEMAT account with HDFC Securities in 2019 as HDFC group is well known for the customer services and I also hold a salary account with HDFC Bank, DEMAT account with the following conditions/offers as expressed by the executive.
Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time) :  ₹999 (At that time it offered on lower price, I forget the exact price)
Trading Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Yearly Fee) : ₹0
Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time) : ₹0
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Yearly Fee) : ₹750, nil if portfolio value below ₹2 lacs.
Equity Delivery : 0.50%
Equity Intraday : 0.05%
Equity Futures : 0.05%
Equity Options : ₹100 per lot or 1% of the premium (whichever is higher)
Currency Futures : ₹23 per contract
Currency Options : ₹20 per contract
Commodity Futures : 0.02% for Intraday / 0.025% for positional
Commodity Options : 0.02% for Intraday / 0.025% for positional

It was going good but after 2-3 months I got to know that there are some discount brokers in the market which are providing value for money services. After doing a research on Internet I got to know that Zerodha is best for trading and it offers so many features which are free. So I opened account with them  and start doing investment with them. While I was holding a value of ₹76000 (approx) with HDFC Securities and I left the account as it was.

Now problem starts, they start charging AMC which was free as I told earlier, random depository charges and Unfortunately I was not looking into the accounts as I trusted them. Then, in march 2020 I got to know that some charges called as depository charge ₹750 + 18%GST = ₹885 was on charged from my account and some ACH Debit charge was charged. Transaction were like :

Total Amount charged by them : ₹2909.52 (Only Zerodha clarified their transaction)

Then I wrote an email to both HDFC bank & HDFC Securities and Zerodha as well and send the copy to RBI and SEBI as well. I asked simple question which is my fundamental right to get details of my transactions. Zerodha clarify the transaction and it was a genuine transaction. Now I have story with HDFC Group only. Their support lines were not working, they replied on the mail after after few weeks then no solution to the problem, again I asked then they took few weeks again to reply. Then it was like a game between them and me.

Here I have simplified the conversation:

What is DEPOSITORY CHARGES two times in one month.
HDFC Securities Response : We are not it is not from our end.
HDFC Bank Response : It is for DMAT Account maintained at HDFC Securities.
HDFC Securities : Our DEMAT Account is managed by HDFC Bank and it is applicable at their end.
HDFC Bank : We are forwarding the complaint to respective department.
What is ACH DEBIT RETURN CHARGES charge three times in one month.
HDFC Bank Response : It is for some mandate applied on your bank account. (No proper details)
Me : What is it.
HDFC Bank : It is charged against a payment failure which was automated. 
ME : Before initiating the payment, bank didn't notify me that I have to maintain the amount as I always move my balance to SBI account to safe the money. So please tell me for which purpose it was.
HDFC Bank : We are not sure.

From 20th May, 2020 to Till date, I am writing emails and trying to connect with them as I don't want to expose myself to corona-virus by visiting their branch which is also far from here and they are not giving proper response. I found it as cheating, if feel HDFC bank and HDFC Securities are doing a wrong practice please share this post and make them realize that in the age on Internet and social media you can not cheat the customers.

I tried to asked them to move my portfolio from HDFC Securities to ZERODHA but it is not possible by on-line process I have to walk on the streets and their offices and have to take leaves which is also a loss of money.
Banks are doing business on customers' money and earning profits but they are not caring for their customers. Now I am not going to do any kind of business with them. They broke my trust which is earned by them my spending money on ads and campaigns. I want peace of mind that's why I chose them however they were not cheap and charging much higher. If you are charging premium fee then you must carry the premium facilities and services.

I always promote Zerodha as a good company by its values and fair pricing. For account opening.

Thanks a lot for reading and sharing. I hope you will help and get helped when you are in trouble. I hope that you understand the problem because if they can do with me they can do with any one and everyone don't have skills to explain the problem.

For HDFC Officials to retrieve account details
Write To :

Thanks again.


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