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My watchlist of the Indian Stock Market. Stocks which my give consistent compounding returns.

In the post, I am sharing my watchlist of the Indian Stock Market. These are stocks which my give consistent compounding returns and these are great in companies (as per my analysis) in their respective industry. In the below which gets updated every time whenever I made changes in my watchlist. Below are the parameters which I would like to elaborate: CMP -Current Market Price Day Change % - Change in % in the stock price as compared to last closing My Affordability/Buy Zone % - It is based on formula which is calculating that how much affordable a stock price is at the CMP; it calculates the average of 52 Week High/Low Avg and have a margin of safety of 15% Current PE Ratio - It is the price to earnings (last 4 quarter) ratio 5 Year Avg PE - Average of 5 years PE PE Discounting - It is indicating that how much % up/down the current PE as compared to 5 years avg PE 52 Week High/Low Avg. - Average of 52W high and 52W low price of the stock, it indicates the range Approx. Fair Value -